Origami Stars

October 13, 2011
By Anonymous

The idea of origami stars were originally from Japan. The Japanese culture considers origami stars lucky when you store many of them in a jar. Some people like to use regular pastel colors. Others like to use designed strips of paper so your jar won’t feel plain. While others like glow in the dark ones to be able to see the shiny, glowing stars at night when the lights are off.

Strips of origami paper are usually sold in Texas, California, and on the internet. They usually cost around ten dollars, depending on how many and what kind you get. Now to teach you how to make one!

Takes your strip of origami paper (if notebook paper, make sure it’s at least two centimeters wide and half a foot long) and form a loop that will look like the cancer sign. Then take one side and stick it through the loop and pull to tighten it like a knot. After you do that, crease the knot.

You should see a white area on the back. Take the side that you stick through the loop and put it through the hole on the white side. After doing that, take the long side of the strip and start wrapping the pentagon shaped area. Make sure to wrap the pentagon while reversing sides (left to right, then back to left to right).

After having the strip to about an inch, stick it through the hole like you did when you saw the white side of the pentagon.

If you have nails, use them to pinch or push on the flat sides. If you don’t have nails, carefully use the tip of the nail but this time push until the flat end touches the flat part of your nail. If you want, pinch the corners of the star to make the corners sharp. Now get a jar to store your very first origami star!

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