Apartment 12B

October 12, 2011
By SubtleMeaning GOLD, New York City, New York
SubtleMeaning GOLD, New York City, New York
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First off, I thought your article was amazing. It was full of emotion, suspense, and plot, and was only a page long. It focused on “quality over quantity” perfectly. Somehow, you’ve fitted a dramatic discovery about a girl’s battle with fate onto a mere page. And I definitely enjoyed reading that.

The second-person perspective of “Apartment 12B” was fresh, new, and unexpected. Yet it flowed well and added to the drama of the story. I was instantly hooked on the line where you told readers that they would “hear a constant scratching on the other side of door 12B“. I love to read about heart-racing situations like this; they have so many possible outcomes.

What I thought had been a monster on the other side of the door turned out to be a girl who had been informed of her impending doom. “Apartment 12B” described a “preppy blonde who thrived on determination.” The line, “One line for every minute of life she had left from that day onward.” was really symbolic of what she did when she knew the impossible.

Without being too cliché or overly dramatic, “Apartment 12B” really intrigued me with the unique phrasing and different perspective. I enjoyed reading the story of a triumphant girl who in the face of death, still possessed a burning determination in her heart.

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