A Rose

October 13, 2011
By LindseyC22 BRONZE, Wappingers Falls, New York
LindseyC22 BRONZE, Wappingers Falls, New York
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To describe such an ethereal being such as this is a difficult task to perform. How can one explain such an immaculate beauty that has the ability to render the heart speechless? Its flawless grace and sparkling charm pluck gently at our tender heartstrings; its magnificent brilliance comforts us in times of desperation. A specimen of this nature must be analyzed and thoroughly observed in order for us to be able to realize its full appeal.

Nestled in a bush among many of its kind, the sweet young bud reaches for the sunlight. Day by day, its sole purpose is to gather rays of light, yearning to grow into a tall and strikingly elegant rose. As a tiny, tightly woven bud grows into a light blossom in its prime, its unique poise and delicate beauty become unmatched by any of the surrounding wallflowers. Its model stance, equipped with a slender stem and bold features, stands out among the crowd. Soft as a newborn’s supple skin, its petals trill gracefully with each blow of the wind. Its vivacious peach shade and carefully crafted origami bloom complement each other splendidly. The thorns that protrude out of its stem are defensive, providing this stunning flower with safety and a fierce snap of personality. A feast for the senses, its essence emanates a pure, floral scent laced with honey and dew – a bouquet stimulating enough to transport the mind to silent reverie.

A rose such as this is much too perfect to resist. Its purposes go beyond pleasing the average spectator. Whether its fate lies in serving the purpose of a balm by healing wounds of the heart, or to be plucked in the name of child’s folly, the rose has an uncanny capability to placate the soul no matter what condition it is in. Attending weddings and funerals both, the rose is a symbol of goodwill, love, romance, passion, heartbreak, sorrow, sympathy, and much more. It encompasses a series of emotions and feelings ornate enough to embody the experiences of a full lifetime.
As time moves forward, the rose reflects a crucial period of human life. Gently weeping, its radiant petals begin to wilt. Dropping layer by layer, the rose unveils its core. As the obvious beauty drains from its existence, other details of the rose are more easily recognized. Though its purpose was once to evoke a sense of beauty and calm in its pursuer, it is no longer able to convey those same feelings to the common onlooker. This aged beauty suddenly radiates a more subtle, conservative waft of light perfume. Its signature petals cease to floor the mind of its audience. Its aura of dewy exuberance is replaced with a parched, gnarly stem left with only a subtle hint of mystique to its appearance. The prickly thorns have been dulled and blunted. Although much of its visible beauty has faded, the outline of its body shows a new resiliency, tough and sturdy. Upon sight of this, one can come to the realization that the rose does not solely serve as an ornament that indulges the senses. Through the processes of striving to thrive, reaching the peak of livelihood, and descending the steps toward its final hours, the rose brings us through a complete journey of life and death. This new form of beauty, smothered in underlying expressions, is a much deeper, softer, and potent refinement of its ostentatious counterpart.

Death tolls and time travels. The rose, once coveted for its perfection and exquisite structure, is now shriveled and aged. The remnants of its grace lie within its core as it returns to the cold, gray earth. Its formerly luminous petals and flawlessly structured stem turn to dust, leaving behind the only sprinkle of life left of the exceptional bloom: one small, perfect seed. Thus, the process begins again as a bud turns to blossom. Life is renewed and the lesson is exemplified once again in the same delightful way.

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tsutton said...
on Oct. 17 2011 at 6:26 pm
What a beautifully written piece! The writer uses such lovely description and detail. It's refreshing to see such a positive ending that focuses on renewal. Fabulous job!


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