Fade Away: A Kurt Cobain biography

October 10, 2011
By AliCat47 PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
AliCat47 PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
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The world wide rock legend, Kurt Cobain was born on February 20, 1967. he was born in Aberdeen, Washington, and his full name was Kurt Donald Cobain. Kurt Cobain had a lot of problems, but with every problem came a talent. As a kid his talent's mainly involved the visual arts, and as he got older he became more interested and talented when it came to music.

As a little kid, Kurt Cobain lived with his mum, dad, and little sister Kim, who was four years younger than him. By the time he was in kindergarden he had taught himself how to play drums and piano, but he mostly drew. His drawings were really advanced for a six year old, and a lot of people thought that he was very talented. Then, once he was nine his parents got an offical divorce after years of fighting. Kim and Kurt got sepperated, she went with the mum and he went with the dad. His dad ended up remarring a women named Jenny, who he couldn't stand. So I bet he felt like his weekend visits to his mum's house were a sweet escape. Because his family could see he was having a hard time adjusting to his new life with a new step mum and step/half siblings, his Uncle Chuck gave him a guitar. Kurt began to teach himself how to play and practiced more and more as he got later into his teenage years.

When Kurt was 15 years old he went to go live with his mum and her boyfriend, in his native town, Aberdeen. He went to the local Aberdeen highschool, and started doing drugs. He eventually became a fan of the naighborhood band, “The Melvins”, and eventually became friends with Buzz Osburne. Then once Kurt was 17, he left his mum's home because of her drinking problem, and kind of lived every where. He would sleep at any of his friends houses if they would let him, and he would sleep in public places that wouldn't kick him out if he couldn't stay with a friend. Then in July of his eighteenth year, Kurt was arrested because him and his friends had been caught vandallazing.

In the end of 1985 Kurt started his first band, they were called “Fecal Matter”. Fecal Matter didn't get very far, they did record a few songs in one of Kurt's aunt's houses, but they didn't have any performances. Just as “Fecal Matter” started to die out, Kurt began playing a couple gigs here and there with Krist Novoselic, who had been his friend's older brother, and a drummer who lived in their neighborhood named Aaron Burkhard.

In 1988, Aaron Burkhard had been replaced with Chad Channing,and Kurt had named his band “Nirvanna”, and they recorded their first singls, a song called “Love Buzz”. Nirvanna's first album was called, “Bleach”, and was released in 1989. Nirvanna was a struggling band at first,and in 1990 Kurt had his friend Dale Crover play as their drummer, because he had kicked out Chad Channing because of clashing personalities. Nirvanna found their permanent drummer towards the end of 1990, and he was named Dave Grohl. Then, in 1991, Nirvanna released their second album, named, “Nevermind”. On Nevermind, was Nirvanna's first and biggest hit single, “Smells like teen spirit”. Then in February of 1992, Kurt married his two year girl friend, Courtney Love, by august of 1992, they had their first and only child, Frances Bean Cobain.

In september of 1993, Nirvanna relased their third album, “In Utero”. Kurt spent most of 1993 touring with Nirvanna in europe. Then for february and march of 1994, Kurt, Courntey, and Frances went on a vacation to Italy. On March 4 Kurt locked himself in a bathroom and tried to commit suicide by over dosing on herion. It didn't work and he was healed in a local hospital. When Kurt and his family returned to America, it was pretty obvious that he was suicidal. There was multiple situations where Courtney called the cops to stop him from killing himself. Then, on April 5, 1994, he succeeded in commiting suicide. He shot himself in the face, and died instantly. In his suicide note he said, “Rememer, it's better to burn out than to fade away.”

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