Cars... Technology or a Problem!!!

October 14, 2011
By Nicholas Booth BRONZE, Leon, New York
Nicholas Booth BRONZE, Leon, New York
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Car technology is very advanced and complex. Is it a problem or a great improvement? This year, 2011, technology is more outdated especially with 2012 coming soon; who knows what the auto industry has in store for us.

More and more car advancements such as the new Ford Focus, which has Wi-Fi built into the radio, are pushing the limits of technology. Also most cars include On-Star which is a system that calls a representative if you get into an accident. Even some electric cars are better than modern cars, like the Tesla Roadster; it has an electric engine and can still go 150 mph easily compared to a normal engine. Plus, with electric powered cars that means less burning of fossil fuels which then in turn leads to less pollution in the world today. Even though everyone isn’t going to buy electric cars they should still consider the opportunity.

Most of the cars today can do a lot of interesting tasks by themselves. The 2011 Chevy Camaro can check its own tire pressure, oil temperature, engine temperature, basically if anything that is wrong with your car it will tell you. Sirus radio is a newer feature in the new cars that works better than a normal radio because the radio signal is sent through satellite instead of radio towers. As you should know older cars are usually louder than newer ones due to the fact that newer cars have dampeners on the muffler, which makes the car a lot quieter. Most of the modern cars have digital gauges now even though the look of an old school gauge brings you class and style. However, whatever the consumer wants they get.

Some people say that they would rather have an older car than a newer one. Although old cars don’t have new technology they still are valuable and they always look good. Older cars are more unique than newer cars; whether the car is a collectable or just good looking in your eyes it could have features unknown to anyone except for you. Solid steel is the material used in older cars; basically everything is metal in cars except for the seats. Now a lot of cars are made of carbon fiber and the only thing that is steel is the engine and the frame. The carbon fiber cars are a little less safe if you get into a crash because the material breaks easier than steel. With having the weaker material the auto industries make the car safer on the inside with airbags and seat belts.

Although the auto industry isn’t doing so well right now, due to the economy; maybe they should come up with a car that is both classic and modern. It would make is stylish, fast, and safe for those car fanatics. Some newer cars should be put into consideration for their design and the materials being used to make them. Car companies could do much better if they were just willing to spend a couple more dollars on safety and style. Car enthusiasts would be willing to expend the extra money on the luxury. Maybe it’s the fact that people like the way a car looks, or just that the person is into cars, or had a dream car when they were a little kid that gives the person a motive to buy the car. No matter what the case, car industries will always be making new technology for their cars so that the consumer can enjoy it to the fullest extent.

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