A Bright Future: My Future Through My Eyes

October 6, 2011
By Ethan-H BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Ethan-H BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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City Lights, award shows and fancy dinners. That’s what I think awaits me in my future. I frequently wonder about my future, as it’s more productive then stalling on the past. When I daydream about my future I imagine myself doing incredible and remarkable accomplishments while using a more vast variety of my own skills. While I have significant hopes and dreams for my future, not all of my goals are that hard to reach, I have numerous short term goals, which I hope to reach within this next year. These goals will lead to my longer goals which will lead to my highest goal, a finale.

To start my journey my number one short term goal is to make Y-State swimming competition cut in the 100 yard freestyle race. I have long dreamed of the opportunity of being in a Y-State meet. Imagine standing on a block, the whistle blows, then the siren blares, you push off. For the next minute, the only thing that matters is getting down the pool and back in the shortest amount of time you can. Besides the National and Zones meet, the Y-State is the hardest meet to get into in America. The time cuts for this meet are the third highest out of the entire spectrum of meet cuts. I will have to keep training hard and being devoted to my sport if I wish to qualify. My second short term goal is to get back on top of my school work. This year, more then any other, I have had my entire assortment of curricular and extra-curricular activities clash into my schedule of projects and work to do. I will have to plan and get more organized when it comes to keeping track of my school work, then I can achieve this goal.

When I complete these, I will be able to move onto my more long term goals, such as graduating high school and being accepted into a good college. Graduating college is my top priorities when it comes to my life goals. My top colleges I would like to go to would be Marquette, the University of Wisconsin and Michigan State. These schools are my top three favorite colleges, because they are top notch schools that will provide me with the education I need in order to reach my full potential. If I don’t graduate college I will never be able to be taken seriously as a legitimate contribution to the world.

The one thing in my future I think about the most is a contribution to man’s effort to colonize the moon. It would be one of the most amazing achievements of our time. Imagine jumping across the hallway, and looking out the window and seeing the Earth in the window. I would love to be part of it. Since I first learned about the International space station and how it has supported life to the astronauts and scientists living there, I have been very intrigued in the possibility of making a livable environment on our moon’s surface. In order to reach my goal of becoming a part of the project I will need to train physically, mentally and in the ways of a space traveler. It’s a very big thing to do, but you to set a goal in order to end up anywhere close.

My expectations on my future are rather large, but in order to cause a difference you have to think you can be a difference. That’s why I set this high a bar for myself, because I need to be a difference in the world. It’s something that every person wants to be. Every person wants to be the hero or the idol, everyone wants to be remembered in some way. So as I am standing on a podium somewhere, at the head of the table or in a big office with a great view, I’ll always remember that I have to set the bar high, so I can barely reach up and grab it.

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