Walter The Dog That Was A Person

October 6, 2011
By MimiH SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
MimiH SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Sitting at a table is a dog his paws are firmly placed, his big brown eyes stare into your own and he wants your food. This dog is Walter, he is miniature wiener dog. He has black hair with chocolate swirls on his paws. Walter is the best dog ever because he’s loveable, he thinks he’s a person and he is one of a kind.
Walter is a loveable dog; most people see him and fall in love with him instantly. For starters he’s only a couple inches tall and almost a foot long; most people mistake him for a puppy. Even though he’s small in size he thinks and acts like he’s the biggest dog in the world. All of my friends love Walter, they treat him likes he’s a baby who needs attention. The funny thing is that Walter enjoys it, he cries when he wants you to pick him up or play with him. He can sleep for hours if you let him and then in an instant he can be ready to play catch or go for a run. He likes to rip apart his toys and tear the stuffing out and then carry around the limp body that is left. One of Walter’s favorite toys is a fox that has been a round for years. I’m most positive that the fox has been thrown away multiple times but every day I see Walter carrying around his toy fox likes it’s a jewel. Walter knows when you’re having a bad day or when you’re down. He sits in my lap and rests his head on my arm if I’m not feeling good.
Not only is Walter my best friend he is under the impression that he is a human. For example imagine that your eating pizza, the dog that stands up waiting for you to give him his share is Walter. You drop your hand just a little and you turn around to talk to your brother. Walter sees his chance and leaps up, snatching the pepperoni pizza and running off with it to protect his cheesy new treat. Walter also likes to be included at the dinner table; if we let him he’d sit at the table and eat with us. His favorite foods are ice cream and peanut butter and for some weird reason he will only eat his dog food if it is his last resort. Not only does Walter eat like a human he likes to sleep like one too. In the morning I roll over and there is Walter, his head is on the pillow and he’s covered in blankets. I stretch my arms out and he rolls round and mimics my actions. He acts like a king and only a king size bed will work for him. When we first got Walter he was only a baby and we had a dog bed all set up for him in the living room. He whimpered all night long, finally my mom went and got him and put him in her bed. Walter has been sleeping in a bed ever since, for a small dog he sure can take up a lot of room and hog a lot of blankets.
He may take my blankets and sometimes he’s a pain but I wouldn’t want him any other way. Walter is one of a kind, no doubt about it. He does what he wants and he eats what he wants, he’s the best dog ever. He has a different personality than other wiener dogs. Some people have told me that they want a wiener dog like Walter, my sister even got a wiener dog but she didn’t get a Walter. Most wiener dogs that I know (besides Walter) are energetic and they bark a lot. Take my sister’s dog for an example, my sister has a wiener dog that runs into walls jumps onto tables and barks at nothing. Walter isn’t too hyper or too calm, he’s just right. I like how he talks (barks) when he wants something. I wouldn’t trade him in for a million dollars because there’s not another dog out there like him. I like other dogs but I love Walter the most, he’s a good friend to have and I don’t even consider him a pet, he’s much more than that. He is more like a part of my family, and every family needs a Walter.
There isn’t another dog like Walter. Walter is the best dog ever because he’s lovable, he thinks he’s a person, and he is one of a kind. Is your dog like Walter?

The author's comments:
My dog inspired me to write this piece.

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