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October 5, 2011
By Hannahdavis11 BRONZE, Tifton, Georgia
Hannahdavis11 BRONZE, Tifton, Georgia
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Halloween is a holiday celebrated around the world on October 31st every year. Halloween may also be known as Hallows’ Eve or All Saints’ Eve. Halloween is commonly known as a holiday of crazy creatures, colorful cartoons, trick or treating, and haunted houses. It’s a fun time for people of all ages to go out, and dress up as their favorite Halloween character, and trick or treat. Other people, participate in haunted houses, and go through haunted houses for a good scare. Most celebrate Halloween without knowing the real origins of the holiday. But what are the original origins?

Halloween, which was originally a Pagan holiday to honor the dead, is on October 31st is the last day of Celtic (Irish) calendar. Different cultures have different beliefs about Halloween and its origins. The Celtics believed that the spirits of the dead roamed the villages and the streets on this night. But where do the treats come from? The spirits were all believes to be friendly, so treats were left out for them as they passed. This was to ensure that the crops would be plentiful throughout the next year.

The “trick” in Trick or Treat comes from the adults who wish they were children again. Teens would “fork” yards by taking plastic forks and stab them into the grass of someone’s lawn. Some would “decorate” someone’s trees with toilet paper, or even soap the windows of a house. There are many tricks that come along with “Trick or Treat”, but don’t get caught in the act, because you will not pass GO, and you will not collect your two-hundred dollars, you will go straight to jail.

America spends approximately 2.5 billion dollars on Halloween each year. Halloween is the second most celebrated holiday of the year; the most celebrated holiday is Christmas. The two holidays are completely opposite, yet they are both the most celebrated holidays in the world. Some people, though, do not celebrate Halloween. They choose to just stay indoors rather than go out and trick or treat. One in ten Americans have an objection to celebrating Halloween and don’t celebrate it, but eighty-nine percent of Americans do celebrate Halloween. If you are celebrating Halloween this year, I would recommend staying safe, and out of trouble. It’s okay to have fun, but keep it reasonable!

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