If its LOVE??

October 2, 2011
By Anonymous

When we talk late at night it makes me fell so, so special! When I see him I the halls its like he doesn’t even know me! He has a girl friend so nobody can know that we talk at all! I hate keeping secrets from my best friend (because we tell each other everything) I want to tell her so bad but, she hates the guy so yea. He is a senior in high school and I am in love with him…he has done stupid things in the past but that time is over with! I am in the same grade as his brother so its kind of weird to see him and his brother at school, the day after we talk. Me and him can talk for hours. I dream about him every night I think about him every second of every day!! I hate his girl friend because she is always rude to him and he disserves better than that and I could make him happy all the time…but I just wish he could see that like I do!

The author's comments:
this is to the love of my life Eloy!!

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