Painting of Dad

October 1, 2011
By Anonymous

When you wake up do think what going to happen today will someone get hurt or injured. No I bet you think ah nah I'll hit that snooze one more time I bet I can make it. Well thats what I thought to when my dad woke me up, then I heard my mom scream “ugh not another mouse” thats all I thought I turned over when she rushed into my room “mom im sleeping” all she did was cry and pulled on my hand so I got up and followed her. We went down the stairs I saw my dad laying on the floor bleeding a crack in the window shaped like a bullet “did you call 911?” I asked my mother in what I thought at the time was a calm voice (which was acually a scream mixed with fear) “ye-yea-yes I did” my mother stammered. I slumped to his side to feel his pulse it was faint but there. I started wailing all the things I wanted to tell my dad “i love you daddy you have to know that, you must get better I cant live with you im sorry if I ever made you feel bad im so sorry why WHYY!” then I felt his pulse quicken for a second and fade again no im not going to let him die I looked toward the source of the bleeding it was gushing less then when I found him. I applyied pressure and found the bullet it wasnt to hard since it was so close I slowly pulled it out of him. I applied slightly more pressure I ripped of part of my shirt and wrapped it around his wound. “kitkat he whispered to me “yes daddy” I said back “If I do die look in the corridor behind that painting of the kitten for the will its all for you.. ps. I love you booger bear.” “I love you to daddy” it came out as a whisper and I could feel him going limp I checked his pulse it was gone. I kissed his head to say goodbye and walked upstairs my mother was there gabbing away with a look ok a cat who swallowed a bird and trying to hide. “Are they here yet?” “who?” she asked. I looked at her “I grabbed my phone and walked down stairs and called 911. “911 whats your emergency?” said the droning voice “My dad just died from a bullet please send an abulence or police or something.” I heard my mother slowly walking downstairs I added “if I die I think it was my mom who killed him and shes coming downstaits to kill me too!”

To be continued

The author's comments:
"I started crying when i wrote this, even if its no-fiction"

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