Rocketing Gas Prices

September 26, 2011
By lance Pearson BRONZE, Alamosa, Colorado
lance Pearson BRONZE, Alamosa, Colorado
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I drive down the highway, there it is the dreaded thing, It stares at me, its tentacles waving in the wind, its ugly display looks at me as I drive up next to it. I place the pump handle into my car and watch as the numbers roll, I close my eyes and then I hear it… the click.

“Oh God No!”
The horror overwhelms me as I see $59.82.
I start to think to myself, what has gone wrong with this country, what happened to the good old days? The days when gas cost 99 cents, what happened? As a matter of fact what happened to the gas prices from 2008, when the average in Denver was $1.40? Ladies and Gentlemen off shore oil rigs that’s your answer. According to a recent study done by offshore oil rigs cost the U.S an average of 2.3 million dollars a year, whereas oil rigs in the United states cost only 1 million dollars a year. So my question is why have we invested in Oil rigs overseas when we can save more money having Oil drilling processes in the United States.
In attrition to saving money, a recent study by “Left Right News” States that Drilling on U.S soil would create 200,000 jobs per Rig, if only 6 Drilling Rigs where to be built that would create 1,200,000 jobs dropping the Unemployment rate by a staggering rate of 64%. The affect of increased gas prices has not only affected the job market but also it has affected the automobile market, the ford F-150 has been the most commonly bought vehicle since 1991, and because of the rising gas prices it has dropped to the 32 most commonly bought vehicle.
Many people concern is that America does not have enough crude oil to support drilling rigs, but recent studies by the National Geological Association of America (NGAA) shows that Crude oil deposits Underground range in the thousands of miles deep and largely found in States such as Alaska, Texas, Montana, as well as Nevada. An average drilling rig costs about four hundred thousand dollars on land, a drilling rig offshores cost an average of six hundred and fifty thousand dollars, not including the insurance and safety precautions that have to be taken in order to not allow oil to seep back into the ocean. Once we had started drilling in other countries McCain began to realize how much we had spend
“Drill baby, Drill”

The very words that came out of McCain’s mouth in order to stop the seven billion dollars that we spend a year on out of the country Oil Drilling, an astounding number also the number one contributing cause of national debt.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have seen what offshore oil rigs have done to America, the most commonly built vehicle has dropped in popularity, the national debt is astounding, and the job market is falling. How can we stop these terrible things from happening? Investing in oil rigs is one way that we can stop all these offshore drilling from happening, recent reports by Ole Cram, President of Marcobe Investments, Inc. says that, “An Investment in oil rigs is the most profitable stock there is, on an average our company raises its stocks by 50 points each day.”
In short America has been deprived of its money for too many years, the job market, the automobile market, and the oil market has suffered for too long, My fellow American Investors it is time to get back to the good old days.

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