Gender Discrimination

September 26, 2011
By emmali BRONZE, Alamosa, Colorado
emmali BRONZE, Alamosa, Colorado
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Imagine two people. Both of them have graduated high school and moved on to highly reputable college, graduating with honors. As they move into the work place, both get put in similar jobs doing similar tasks. Yet one of them gets paid twenty percent more than the other. Unfair yes? If so why is over half of America’s population treated as such? Gender discrimination is a problem at every age, yet nothing is done about it.
As teenager’s if a male has several sexual partners they are seen as cool or studdly. If a female had sexual partner’s she may be considered a whore. As adults, a male may get hired over women just because he is less likely to take a maternity leave, so they are assumed to be more reliable.

Women have been fighting for equality for thousands of years. Though we have taken leaps and bounds on our progress we still are at disadvantages. We have been allowed to vote and can now have any job a male can have. Even if we can do these things, we still are pinned to the same expectations. We are expected to care for the children and to have a hot meal on the table by dinner, to do the laundry and have the dishes clean and put away.
I can imagine myself graduating from high school to continue to college and see myself getting a professional job after that. Yet, while it is possible to do all these things, I will be having a tough time accomplishing them. Jim McCorkell, founder of Admissions Possible, a program for low-income high school students stated, “If we had a tie (between a male and a female applicant), we gave it to a boy.” The first disadvantage of trying to pay for college, although statics show that for every male college graduate there is 1.35 females. So, why is it that more women go to college and graduate but more men have top executive jobs?
UC Davis Graduate School of Management and the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives studied the 400 largest publicly-held corporations in the state of California. After this study it was shown that 13 of the 400 had women CEOs, that is than 13%. It also stated that in the top executive roles, for every nine men there was one women.
This is a problem, and there is a solution. One option is to have a corporation or any business to have the every employee’s salary available to them to see. Many women don’t even know that they are making less then their male coworkers, and this option could give the women a chance to demand a higher pay. Another option would have it be a requirement to have a certain number of women employees in a top executive position. This would make it mandatory to give promotions more equally. So, lets make America, the country based on equality, truly that.

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