The Wonders of Standart Avenue

September 29, 2011
By amber sawyer BRONZE, Auburn, New York
amber sawyer BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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Walk toward the beautiful fragrant scents of autumn to find a very embracing environment. My neighborhood is one that calls to almost every one of our senses. Every step you take, each individual nook and cranny is visible. People are never secluded in this part of town. Although a rather busy street with an ample amount of traffic, my neighborhood welcomes people of every race, ethnicity, and gender.

Two tall trees stand in guard of my house with their yellowish brown leaves. Behind them lays a small bed of flowers that sway in the wind. Take a quick glance past there to discover a petite ranch house with elegant vines growing down the one side. There is an alley that leads into a meadow of enticing endeavors. The woods sit across the back of the yard, watching as the water in the lagoon swiftly flows. Children drift in and out of the sliding doors located on a pale gray balcony at the same time as some dash out to their own little paradise.

Next door on each boundary of my house two other dwellings similar to the one at which I live in, are located. They are affiliated in some ways, and also distinct in their own ways as well. The enclosure that is sitting to the right of my house is a quiet house so to speak. Not much commotion goes on other than the occasional departure of a hefty man in the silver automobile that is frequently parked in his abundant driveway. A house that is of much smaller stature than my own has been established to the left. This happens to be the location where some veterans live. High standards are just one of the many qualities that are easily visualized by this unique zone. In the rear of this particular house it is restricted by wooden golden pallets of fencing. An elephant tree's leaves linger over in the luscious green grass of much of the area where the elders do various gardening techniques. Those were only two of the scenes around my neighborhood that provide a very inviting sensation when strolling by.

Across the street are a few more settlements, of various natures. One of them is not as visible as those that are on my side of the roadway. Parallel to the establishment at which I reside at are a row of shrubs that encompass the whole dwelling. The black shingles glistens in the sun as for they are the solitary object in sight. A quick turn of the head to the left leads one to become amazed at how different the view is. It is quite obvious to realize this is the residence of many smaller children. A yellow slide sits in the lawn perpendicular to the house. Many tikes, and scooters of various shades of blues, pinks, and reds are scattered throughout the lawn.

My neighborhood provides a heart-warming feeling to all of those that enter into the range. It is the people that make up this neighborhood who drive everyone to feel this great sensation. One that is all-inclusive is the best for the welcoming of every human, creature, and species.

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