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Fun And Dreams...

September 28, 2011
By CountryBoy95 BRONZE, Maysville, Kentucky
CountryBoy95 BRONZE, Maysville, Kentucky
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Have you ever been enthusiastic about a sport? Do you ever ride four-wheelers? Well I got a thought, have you ever thought about the safety of either of those two? I love to ride four-wheelers and I love to play football, but it seems as when four-wheelers and football mix there’s never anything good to come out of it!
It was football season twenty-ten; it was my first year ever playing football, we were in the middle of a very good season, I was doing pretty well for never playing football before and having to learn how to play. Well one day at school my friend Austin came up to me and asked, “Hey do you want to come over and work today?” I replied, “Sure, I aint got nothing better to do.” So later on after school around 4:30pm I went over to his house.
Finally, when I arrived at his house that night he and his dad were waiting on me to go back in the field to go to work, I still didn’t know what we were doing cause Austin never even told me what we would be doing. George, Austin’s dad, hollered, “Cmon’ boys we aint got all day.” So we went over and hopped into the truck and headed on out to the back field. When we got back to the field me and Austin got out and George yelled at us and told us to get a maul and get started. After I realized that we were splitting wood I looked around and I didn’t see the dozer we use to pull trees I hollered at Austin and asked, “Hey where is the dozer, don’t we need it to pull some trees?”
Well we ended up having to take the four-wheeler to the other barn, I drove over there and dropped Austin off and on the way back I was acting stupid and I was speeding, you know nothing good ever comes out of those, well I had forgot there was a sharp turn up ahead and I was going about 60mph and I took the turn, the back tires didn’t slide and they caught in the road, I went flying off the four-wheeler, the four-wheeler continues to flip about four times. When I finally got up I walked over to the four wheeler, after that I don’t remember anything but waking up in Austin’s bed, I had looked down at my arm and noticed I had a huge wound on my arm it looked like road rash but I was bleeding bad. My head was still hurting, the bad thing was Austin didn’t think of it but I blacked out and drove the four-wheeler home because I had a concussion, and he let me go to bed, he says I told him I was going to bed cause I was tired and in pain. I do know when I woke up I had really thought I broke my arm because I couldn’t move it at all. Afterwards I called Coach Buchanan I told him what happened, he was truly disappointed in me , but he said I would have to sit out for the rest of the season and I need to go see my doctor. Well from then to current day my doctor and I have found out that the wreck had done more than hurt my arms and I had damage to my cerebral cortex, it had messed up my thyroid because I have low blood pressure caused by the underactive thyroid. Well I know this is one lesson I learned, be careful on any motorized vehicle or any thing you can operate

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This is one of my favorie pieces.

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