The Idea of Beauty

September 26, 2011
By Hvervaeke BRONZE, Covington, Louisiana
Hvervaeke BRONZE, Covington, Louisiana
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I think beauty comes in many different forms. I don't think it has any particular or universal definition; every person can create their own definition for beauty. Beauty can be big, and it can be small. It can present itself in the smallest little flower amidst a patch of weeds, or in something as large as a perfect sunset over the lakefront. Beauty can even be invisible. Sounds can be beautiful, such as the simple chirping of a bird early on a Sunday morning. Memories can be beautiful; vividly and extraordinarily beautiful. Many of my memories are so strong, and realistic, and I find that one of the most beautiful things in the world. And of corse, beauty can be seen in people. I know that beauty can be found in every single person, you just have to look. When looking for the beauty in people, it's more important to see what makes them beautiful on the inside. Sure there are many gorgeous people in the world, but what really matters is the beauty that you find inside them. I think people are beautiful when they are a genuinely nice person, and treat everyone with respect. Personalities are beautiful; everyone is unique in their own way, and it's special to see how beautiful each person's personality is. They are beautiful because there is not another person in the world who has that exact same personality. Just the way you handle yourself, and how you act, no one can duplicate that. You are you, and that in itself is beautiful.

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