Dear World

September 24, 2011
By Magnes SILVER, Trinagle, Virginia
Magnes SILVER, Trinagle, Virginia
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This is to a world who failed to write me back. One who birthed me into this life and didn't have the decency to tell me of its horrors and all its ache. Dreams crushed under the Equatorial sun, and still we stand like flowers in the wind. Wondering if our roots are as deeply imbedded into the soil, praying we are not plucked before our time. Every child born into this world is not guaranteed an easy go lucky life. Some are born with incurable diseases and others die without taking a single birth. Dear world why? Why must our existence be so tumultuous?

Sexism, Racism, Idealism and all the isms in between separate and divide people when we should all be one. This story is my own and yours as well. On the brinks of a river we all sit down and wonder why. Asking the World or yelling at it for all its wrongs. When a mother cannot feed her children or a baby may never walk. When people walk in the street and get gunned down. When your children leave the house and you don't know if they will ever come back. You still sit down and wonder why. Dear World why all the pain, the unrest and the disaster?

When I am no longer looked upon as a person in my own home but a number to those around me, a waste of space and whether I live or die matters to no one. I still sit and ask the world why. If I must live this life then I must live it knowing the world will never answer my questions. But as a Homo sapiens I am an inquisitive species and must still ask. So each day I write a letter to the world, contemplating its answer. "World I exist" I ask "So," the world replies, "I feel no sense of obligation towards you".

Its a grim reality that I know, but its the truth. The world stands still for no one, so I must move on. Finding the strength within myself and in others the willingness to take up my own fight and fight a never ending battle. The poverty, illness, abuse, neglect, war, racism and sexism in this world is not for the world to fix. It is up to the human beings within it to help themselves and those around them. So I pledge not to the world but to the people within it, to leave no stone unturned and give a hand to all I can. For the world will not take care of its inhabitants its up for its inhabitants to take care of the world.

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