Mixing It Up

September 16, 2011
As I was looking out across the ocean I realized, (dramatic pause) this would be about how 50% of books start. Did you see what I did there? I tricked you. You thought I was going to ramble on and on about the vastness of the sea and how it relates to the journey of life and all that sappy stuff. Well I’m not because I am on a quest, what quest you ask? Ha-ha! You should have seen your face. Was I going to talk about an exciting quest going through countless of troubles along the way? No, no I was not. Alright, alright, I’ll stop with the games. What I’m trying to prove is how books are always so predictable. You know I’m right. It’s always the same things, an adventure, heartbreak, supernatural monsters, est. What we, the teens of the planet, don’t realize is that we’re constantly being sucked in to the same plot after another. And for what? To come to the same ending, either mad, happy, or horribly sad. Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for throwing a book against the wall out of anger but come on, it gets old fast. Now I’m going to end this article, no I’m not tricking you, I’m just being different and I understand how you don’t want to read an article that repeats itself because I’m out of ideas. I could tell you to go out and petition, but come on, nobody would ever do that. I don’t even want to do that. So I’m going to mix up the format a little bit and end it here.

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Love.Hate.Passion. said...
Oct. 7, 2011 at 10:35 pm
Quirky and cute!
TheGoing replied...
Oct. 27, 2011 at 9:08 pm
Books can be predictable but not as much as movies. Books>Movies
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