What You Do To Me

September 13, 2011
By Anonymous

I see her in homeroom everyday. A slight smile spreads across my face when she looks at me. She's single now, her boyfriend was a jerk and said it was a mistake to even get to know her. I hated him because he didn't know the true beautiful person he had in his arms only a day ago.

A week passes. We've been talking every night as friends, or maybe it could be something more? I start to get excited about what may happen in the next few weeks. Could my lifelong crush finally get a person she deserves in me? Someone who will treat her right and tell her she is pretty, and amazing everyday? Wrong, the next three days she doesn't text back. Bored I login to Facebook. Scroll down and see her status change. "still thinking about him; haha, hope his toe is okay(: ?" Rage fills me, but quickly subsides. Who is she talking about? I tell myself it's probably a family member it will all be ok. The next day, I find another post on facebook. As it turns out, the man with a hurt toe is her ex boyfriend who thought she waste waste of time. I sit back, jealousy flows like a mighty stream through my veins. Hatred for this person I have never even met. I don't understand, how can someone I care for so much hurt me so much more?

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