Hope in Tears

September 12, 2011
By BiabuTyke PLATINUM, Broomfield, Colorado
BiabuTyke PLATINUM, Broomfield, Colorado
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"You'll find the right guy someday. One day he'll come along, sweep you off your feet and you'll be fine." -Noah D.

Tired of dealing with the crap of fantisizing what will happen of my hopes and dreams for what would imagine happening. I wish to love but none wish to love me, oh why do I have this empty feeling everytime I try to keep up my passion to try and write a stupid song or poem to see if anyone will just simply care, hold, and love me. It is heart breaking knowing that know one will take the time of day just to say, I Love You for you and thats never going to change.... I'm always falling to my doom, it's sad to know that I'm always balling... My question is, Does no one love me? It's hard to imagine that anyone does considering that I scare them all away. Now why is that? I ask. It is because no one can take the time to relize that I'm beautiful on the inside and thats all that matters... I must be silly hopelessly writing to imaginary fairytales, for true love may only happen there in fairytale land but I just wish someone could relize that I am who I am and thats never guna change. Someone once said to me that I may have a rough and tough outside but that I'm a sweetheart inside. When I try to love just one person I find myself failing, but not wailing. I guess it's stupid to write this endlessly, but shouldn't it be that someone will hear me... I hate waiting for the perfect one that will see what I have under the sun. For I hope that somewhere out there is a knight in shining armor just waiting to rescue me from all the askew fires of lonelyness. But I guess that will never be for I am only me for me.

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