Dear Meg Cabot,

April 18, 2008
Dear Meg Cabot,

I love your book Avalon High!! The characters in the book seem so real to me and I feel like I’m a part of the book. Ellie is so heroic I look up to her because she has courage to go try and stop her teacher (Mr. Morton) from leaving so he can help “save the world”, or so he thinks. This book is so suspenseful you don’t know what will happen next. Reading this book has changed my outlook on reading, now I enjoy reading to an extent and could not put this book down.
Although I am in the higher language arts class I don’t always feel like I should be! When Cady, Keenan and Jessi read their writing I see everybody glow. Yet when I read my writing everybody looks confused and dumbfounded because of my confusing and messy writing skills. Even though I felt this way before, I look at my writing in a different and better way. I look at it as I am the slow but steady writer not as the messy writer who makes people dumbfounded. Being in the higher language arts class has actually improved my writing. I believe striving to reach the potential of the other students has helped me improve my writing skills and made me more confident about my writing. Ever since I began my newly positive outlook on writing, my work has gradually changed.
Although we have worked on many pieces of writing this school year there is one that is my favorite by far. It is my memoir, “My True Hero.” This piece about my older brother has really touched me and made me realize I don’t know what I would do without him. Although it is my favorite there are others that stand out like my window poem “Katie”, and my china paper “Without China.”
Finally I would like to say even though it has been a rough year for me as I wrote I would really like to thank Mrs. Chitwood for helping me improve my writing. She really helped me understand what I needed to do to improve and made my writing this year as great as it could be. Before I read the book Avalon High I wouldn’t care if there were no books in the world, but after reading Avalon High I do care because I think there are ore good books for me to read. I think writing can change the world because if we didn’t have writing then we wouldn’t know about the great tales and inventions of our history. I think Avalon High is a great book and hope anybody who starts to read likes it as much as I do!


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oceanaL said...
Jul. 14, 2009 at 7:43 pm
i love avalon high as well.
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