Short Story

April 10, 2008
By Megan Payne, Littleton, CO

I ’am going to talk about me and my friends and what I do in my spare time also some sports that I have played and do play. Some of the things that I do with my friends is we go to the movies some of my friends like to go shoot hoops with me at the basketball court were I live. Also we go shopping play sports together and also play all kinds of sports together. Some of my friend’s names are Nico, Angela, Alix, Roberto, Kelsey, Hernan and a lot more but I won’t name them all. They all are real nice people and there real fun to be around I like to sit with them at lunch.

Some things that I do in my spare time is play soccer out in the field were I live also play video games. I also skateboard, bike ride, and I also go downtown. I love to play a lot of sports so some sports that I have played in my past is soccer which I played for at least seven years and I did karate for at least two years. I was real good at being the goalie for soccer and I could kick the soccer ball from our goal all the way to the other goal and score a lot of goals. I play basketball and I have played for at least three years I love to play because of how tall I’ am and I love to go shoot hoops and I’m good at rebounding the ball. I have a lot of my friends that play this sport and soccer which is real cool because we can like practice together. And we always go to each others games which is real neat. The thing about basketball that I really enjoy is making the shots and running. When I’m not on the field playing I’m out running every where. The thing about practice that I don’t lie is the dribbling but with my left hand. That is things that I like to do and some things about me.

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