The song Independent by Webbie

April 8, 2008
This song is cool because it talks about how this girl is independent. And how she has her own house and her own car and she is paying the bills herself. I like it cause a girl cam take care of herself without having a man around to do the work. She counts on herself and doesn’t need someone to count on. Its good to be independent because as a teenager you should be pretty independent so that when you grow up you don’t need anyone to count on than get in trouble cause that person that you depended on is gone or left you. So then it’s like what your going to do know. It also talks about how she is real fly which means she is pretty. Personally I think I’m pretty independent with other things I do need someone to help me do my homework but with other things I’m independent. I think the song is real good cause it talks about how people can be independent without having someone to count on all the time. Also the song is mainly for teenagers like fourteen and up cause it has some bad language and other things. Another thing is the song has a good beat and rhythm. The song has good lyrics except for the bad language and some other things. Also the singer can sing real well. The song was released sometime in 08 or 07 so it’s a pretty new song and it has already gotten popular. The singer Webbie also has some other releases and has gotten pretty popular. The song has been in the top ten on BET. The song has some good words and the video is good too. I recommend the song for teenagers and up like I said. I think some adults would like it but I’m not sure. Also the song has a pretty good meaning well half of the song cause the rest is not that great. That is what I thought of this song and I would give this song a rating of five stars.

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