Sex and Teens

August 23, 2011
By Anonymous

In America today six out of ten teens are sexually active with the same poll four out of ten of theses same kids will get pregnant. Teenage pregnancies are one of the top reason Americans are in debt over 6.9 million tax payers dollars are put into services ranging from welfare to foster care. Teen moms are less likely to get married and most of the time make 12 of what there peers would make. People who are young and have sex are more likely to have more sexually transmitted disease and that just being people who are young usually have more then one sex partner and or have unprotected sex.

What are the reasons we as teens feel the need to have sex ? Is it because our friends are doing it or maybe because it makes us a grown up ohh I got it because it so easy to buy a condom, maybe all these are what most people will say but the most common is I am ready! I am ready really this isn’t some spongebob jog are you ready for the possibly of a child or maybe even a diseases that’s with you for the rest of your life? No wait I got it you meant you were ready to drop out of school get a job and support a baby. Now to be truthful me and you both know your are not ready you cant you have a life friends parties shopping allowance all this goes away when you raise a child at a young age you miss your childhood those precious years while you change diapers.

Television shows have done allot to publicize teen moms including MTV hit show Teen Mom. While I am happy that theses people are saying waiting is best and they wish they hadn’t done it but what do you think us kids see? OMGOSHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! If I have a baby I can be on MTV that’s like so cool. So basically the whole purpose of the show has gone out the window and the dream of stardom is in and then when they realize they wont be on TV they now have a crushed dream and a baby to raise now. The whole reason I brought up that show is because it seems to be a whole lot of shows saying sex is bad and what else but again all we see is I can be famous if I have sex and get pregnant I can be famous if I have unprotected sex. And there are allot of key points in this sentence lets start with the obvious can is not a promise there’s no real hope that you will ever make it to one of these TV shows so why risk your education for it I have no idea. Next theses show are NOT promoting unprotected sex wont to be technical they are not prompting any type of sex so don’t say to your self well she had sex and she turned out fine so why cant I, because we have all seen theses movies and or TV shows where theses two main character are in the bed room most of the time teenagers and have sex we have all seen it but these shows are not sending us messages thought the screen saying get up and have sex no If anything its saying get off your lazy buts if you can read that much into that situation then you should probably have straight A”s now shouldn’t you? I really don’t know why teens feel the need to grow up so fast I mean 3 free meals free cable free bed basically FREE everything and we wont to ruin that by growing up to early you know all my friends might be ready to jump on that band wagon but I am not and I know I wont be for a couple of more years.

The author's comments:
my aunt was talking to me about sex i felt like some people just dont get that talk

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