People have problems too

August 16, 2011
Your not the only, don't think you are cause your not. I have problems you have problems everyone does. Not just you. Don't go and end your life cause of some one that thinks they have the right to. Cause if I did i9 wouldnt be here right now. It might seem like a good idea. At that point it might seem like it to you but its really not. I dont have people who love me like you probably do. No one. Im in this world all alone suffering from depression, anxiety, and tons of other things. I cut I've tried to kill myself multiple times it's not that easy I have wished it was many times. But now I just cut. Not kill myself. I have been emotionaly abused all my life and I still am no friends no one. Pople might have worse but if you are worse than me then let me tell you one three worded sentence. I LOVE YOU. Even if i don't know you I still do you can always talk to me for inspiration ill always be there for you. <3

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brenthewren said...
Sept. 7, 2011 at 4:09 pm
thank you,its  beautiful.
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