A Protest

August 15, 2011
I'm not here to oppose Christianity being practiced. I'm here to oppose Christianity being enforced.
Why does the Church operate based on fear? "If you don't obey, you'll go to hell. If you don't believe, you'll go to hell."
Is it really to make sure all people go to heaven? Or is it just a way for them to stay in control?

Now STOP and read this carefully:

Before you fling hate-filled comments at me, before I have to wince every time I scroll down, I need an explanation.

Explain to me what will happen to the TV evangelist when what he believes the "real" Judgement Day comes, if nothing happens. Will he remain, or will he be cast out of faith by the Church because he can no longer enforce the lesson of FEAR so that the Church remains in control?

Explain to me WHY a man who said (loosely) "I think God's a nice guy and He'll send EVERYBODY, even if they haven't been that nice, to Heaven with Him!" was cast out of church and faith.
I believe that it's because he did not believe in the enforcement of Christianity.
I myself am an atheist, so keep in mind that your "You're going to hell" comments don't bother me. And remember,
I'm not here to oppose religion being practiced. I'm here to oppose religion being enforced.

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