Letter To Myself

August 9, 2011
By Pageasaurus_Rex SILVER, Mitchell, South Dakota
Pageasaurus_Rex SILVER, Mitchell, South Dakota
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Dear Old Page,

You’re going to have it hard. Right now I’m only fourteen and I’ve felt like I’ve lived decades. You’re going to try new things, bad things. You’re going to meet good people with bad habits. But you’re a good person; you’re going to prevent her from killing herself and a few others too. You’re going to fight for some people who turn out to be unreal. They’re fake. Don’t worry because someday you won’t be talking to them and you’ll be in a better place, hopefully they’ll change. And never ever take your own life, there’s going to be those nights where you want to but don’t do it. You’re going to waste a lot of your time on boys, I mean years. You’re going to be hurt so much by so many different people. You’re going to date guys and girls and keep it a secret from your friends, but don’t worry. When you tell them, they’ll be supportive. Most of them already knew anyways. The ones who do have a problem though don’t matter. You’re going to lose a lot of people that you really cared about but in the end they didn’t care about you. It might take you a lifetime of yesterdays to finally accept that. I want you to listen to some cool bands; one is 10 Years the other is Rise Against. Their lyrics will help you out a lot. You’re a very out spoken person and you speak out for what’s right. Many people will tell you that. Never let anyone change you, if they want you different they aren’t worth your breath. You’re going to think you’re not worth the air you breathe, but you are. You’re worth so much. If you can see how many people you’ve helped you’d cry. Many people will tear you down and make you cry. They’ll try to fix you and make you think you’re a monster. This will bother you for the rest of your life, but it isn’t true. Keep up with the music; you’ll get far with that. Someday you’ll get in trouble with all those older boys you’re dating; they’re too old for you. Even though you’re very mature for your age. You’ll just stop dating at some point, and then you’ll meet a boy. He’s okay, he’s still too old. Stay friends. And as beautiful as you are, you don’t need to be controlled by anyone. Live your life for yourself. You don’t have faith in God right now. At some time you’ll find your faith again. And as beautiful as you are, you insecurities hide your real self. You’ll start to work on that. Someday you’ll lose the bad people and meet people who are truly your friends. They’ll never leave you alone. They’ll accept the mistakes you’ve made and look beyond them, they’ll look at the beautiful girl you really are. Gillian is amazing; she will always make you smile. She’s blunt and brutally honest, yet you understand her and she understands you. You’ll be best friends when you’re the me you will someday be. Zoe is your sister, you fight all the time yet you love her. She can get on your nerves, but you still care for her. Megan is amazing. Met her just this year but she’s pretty legit. She’s nice and she’s real. You don’t need all the fake people you think you need now. Wait until you’re me, you’ll look back and cry. Can’t wait to see you’re beautiful face in the mirror.

In Eternity,


The author's comments:
If I could write myself, this is what I'd say. I've changed a lot and have chosen some bad decisions in the past.

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