Medical Marijuana

August 3, 2011
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Medical marijuana should be legalized. It is not a chemical it is a medicine. In fact, eight of the 10 states that had legalized medical marijuana by 2006. People stated that smoking marijuana damages the body. But its been proven to help the ill.

It’s been told that smoking marijuana damages the brain, heart, lungs and the immune system. But it has been proven to help the immune system. One of marijuana greatest benefits is its ability to increase the overall well being of AID’s patients. More than 60 percent of the members of cannabis buyers’ clubs (medical marijuana shops in California) have joined up for the treatment of AIDS. Because HIV attacks the immune system it wreaks havoc throughout the body. Besides providing a foothold for opportunistic infection and cancer, the virus also triggers a potentially lethal wasting syndrome, painful nerve damage, and dementia. Finally, in addition to the physical discomforts inflicted by HIV, many people with AIDS also struggle with depression and anxiety. Marijuana, some patients say, eases all of these problems and more

Marijuana can also help with other things. Because more than 60 million people are affected by glaucoma, the second leading cause of blindness in America, having every weapon against this terrible disease is absolutely necessary. Marijuana has been proven to relieve intraocular pressure (IOP) caused by glaucoma. In multiple clinical studies this has been proven, whether the marijuana was eaten or smoked. A single treatment of marijuana has shown to be effective in the reduction IOP for three to four hours. Also, Marijuana is able to treat multiple symptoms such as wasting, nausea, and pain with minimal side effects.

Scientist say that one Cannabis Cigarette a day has the evidence of Chronic Bronchitis and the same degree of damage Bronchial Murosa as 20 or more cigarettes a day. However Lester Grinspoon stated that ‘A day of breathing in a city with poor air qualities poses more of threat than inhaling a days dose of marijuana’. Also, for some users, perhaps as many as 10 per cent, cannabis leads to psychological dependence, but there is scant evidence that it carries a risk of true addiction. Unlike cigarette smokers, most users do not take the drug on a daily basis, and usually abandon it in their twenties or thirties.

CONCLUTION! Marijuana is able to help many people in many different ways and should be able to do so. With the laws that are in place right now, we are turning sick and dying people into criminals. The people of the America should stand together and fight these ridiculous laws. Because if we don’t stand up for the sick, who will?

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