High School

July 30, 2011
By , St Johns, Canada
High school is hard - or that's what everyone says anyways. But no one ever told me exactly how hard it would be.
How damaged it could make someone become. I have to say that my biggest achievement in life would be getting through
those four years. The lies, the back stabbing, the fakes. It was a place where you were completely on your own. Trust was not
an option unless you wanted to set yourself up for hurt, vulnerability and disappointment. Through high school I lost many friends,
lovers, and respect. I was heart broken and just plain broken. It is years of my life that in the future I will not think about, I will
not look back on, for to me it is all in the past, buried away and that is where I want it to stay. I know memories are good to keep
and I have some very good memories from high school. However most of those are with people that highly betrayed me. People
I will never forgive, and never forget, yet forget. Who ever said being a teenager was easy? That teenagers shouldn't have stress or
worry, they're not an adult yet, there is tougher things out there that they don't have to deal with. That they should just suck it up, and
enjoy being a teenager. Then why would a teenager find them self suffering from depression. Thoughts in their head that scares them;
they scare themselves. There is people in high school that don't think about anyone besides them self. They do not know the true meaning
behind trust or friendship. For this reason they will not make it far in life. But I'll tell you the one that will. The one that felt alone, the one you
turned on for no reason, the one that become depressed and suicidal. They're the strong ones. They're the ones that won't get hurt again.
Because they won't let the opportunity happen. I am the one that because of what I went through - am going through - will be strong enough to
get through any obstacles that life has waiting for me.

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