The Belly Pain

October 17, 2007
By mitchell moosman, Woods Cross, UT

Tears and my pale green face was what you saw when you looked at me and the sounds of pain bursting from my mouth. I could nearly breath scrunched in a ball and flinging around like a rag doll. My eyes were blocked by my eyelids were pinched tight from the hurt surging through my body like sharp daggers flying straight up through my brain. The sound of my dad screaming at me its okay I couldn’t understand what he was saying it was as if he was yelling at me trying to get his words to me through water. Still gasping for breath I could see it as though I wasn’t there like I was in the front seat watching it all happen like I was a bug being smashed beaten down that’s how helpless I was and then like a grenade blew up inside me I felt the pain again and got pulled back to reality. There was nothing that could get my attention I was slowly loosing ability to think it was hurting so bad a sprinkler was coming from my eyes and still feeling the hack saw attacking my insides. My dad screams at me a gain its okay this time I heard him and we finally reached the hospital my dad then turns into a superman and picks me out off the seat within a minimum of seconds and takes me to the hospital doors he nearly brakes the doors with his kick and I could here his heart pounding in my head and that’s all I really could actually. My dad told one of the doctors my pains and they knew exactly what it was and he shouts out loud we have a nearly ruptured appendix can we get a stretcher they put me on the stretcher and I was wheeled away. The lights were wising past me like cars on a freeway I was hooked up to an I.V. and a morphine. As soon as the doctor had done that it was as if the pain was gone. And then I felt great I could talk the pain in my head was still there and that I could handle. But my stomach had felt so empty and I had to fill it so all I could think of was food and I wouldn’t stop. It was like every time it went quite its like a world cup champion soccer player kicked a ball into and directly into my face that’s how hard the hunger hit me. The doctor walked in with his face on fire and said in the harsh tone and what he said is what I couldn’t understand your appendix needs surgery we went into surgery within seconds and was out in 3 hours. I woke up with the pain of a hacksaw attacking my insides. We were left in a small room all alone and for a bout another hour until they said you surgery was a success you may go home or stay the night, of course I went home.

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