The Game

October 16, 2007
As my senior year starts, and football season is in full swing, I reminisce about the days when I was a 6th grade cheerleader. All I remember was looking up to the older cheerleaders when they would go to our classrooms on Fridays and tell us to show spirit at the game.

Many different bittersweet moments come with being a senior. Almost everything you do becomes your last which at times gives me so much joy (summer reading) and at times brings tears to my eyes (homecoming week). One of the most emotional memories that I will take from this year other than last day of school and graduation is my last homecoming game as a senior.

I’ve cheered in every homecoming game since I was in 8th grade, and they are always really exciting. Many different memorable events come with the homecoming game/week. We have dress-days, field events, prep-rallies, Outback Steakhouse Lunch, homecoming court, homecoming game, and also the homecoming dance. The homecoming game has extra importance this year, because for the seniors it’s our last home game. After seven years of cheering at Heritage, it’s going to be very emotional to have my final moments as a cheerleader there. After many years of cheerleader or anything for that matter, it becomes part of your life, and in many ways you can’t imagine life with out it. Even though I am extremely excited for this homecoming game as a senior, I know it will bring back so many great memories that I will never experience again.

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