The Falling Pants

October 14, 2007
A long time ago in second grade came my favorite time of the year. My friends and I were sitting on the green of a golf course anxiously waiting for the firework show to begin. It was the Fourth of July and my friends and I go every year. The day before I had spent the night at a friend’s house and borrowed her clothing. My friend is taller and wider then me so therefore her pants were a little bit on the loose side.
Crestview Country Clubs golf course is humongous with many wide-open spaces. Not during golfing hours, everyone saw it as a good place to have picnics and to bond with your family during July 4. On the other hand, I saw it as the perfect place to tumble. Mrs. Graf, my friend’s mom, called me over and asked me to show her friend some flips. Everyone was starting to gather around and watch us play. I got up with a smile on my face just so excited to show off all of my tumbling skills.
My friends were also racing and parading around and showing off for they have done it all night, and I was just so excited that I was actually getting some attention. I take off anticipated that I make it the fastest back handsprings I have ever done. I whip them over as fast as possible. On the tenth back handspring, I felt a cold breeze where I have not felt it all night, on my thighs. I look down only to see my pants resting on the floor wrapped around my ankles. I pulled them up and ran behind the bushes.
As I sat behind the bush, balling my eyes out, I saw all my friends walking past the bushes pointing and laughing. I tried to ignore it but the thought of it hovered over my head like gargantuan rain cloud. The second they walked out of sight, I ran inside and straight into the women’s locker room. The noise of the fireworks told me that the show has started. I kept telling myself to go outside and forget about it, because I was about to miss my favorite part of the party. But what I worried about the most is what they would think and I kept finding myself walking out then getting nervous and sprinting back inside. Waiting in the women’s locker room for a few hours, I heard silence. Was no one there anymore? I asked myself. Has it really been that long? My mom walked in and told me to come out to the car, that everyone has already evacuated, and we were the only family there.
The next day I figured out that my friends have been looking for me all night. They all felt bad and were wondering around looking for me to see if I was ok. My amazing friends wasted there whole night trying to say sorry but never got the chance. Until this day on, they are still my best friends and always will be. They like to bring it up and make fun of my about it. However, I just let it pass by me and laugh.

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