October 14, 2007
By Stacie Stebbins, Grant Town, WV

It was a normal night. The stars and moon lighting the city with no sound other then the rain drops falling on the lifeless leaves. It seemed like every other night in my home town, or so I thought!
As I was laughing on the phone, sharing baby stories. I hear my mothers voice telling me to get off of the phone. I said fair well to my friend and hung up the phone. I put myself to sleep and as I laid my head on my soft red pillow. I heard a loud sound of thunder, almost like a bomb going off. I thought nothing of it. I figured it was a just another thunder storm. So I stood up and turned on my radio to drowned out the loud noise. On my way back to my bed I stopped by my window to look outside. As I let go of the green curtain, a flash of white filled my room. Like most people it frightened me but I still went of to bed. The loud noise of the thunder made it hard to sleep. I found the remote to my TV and turned it to the news to find out if there was any flash flood warnings out. After watching it for about 2 minutes my TV turned off.
I slowly tip toed my way to my mothers room to find a light. After looking for many minutes we found a flash light to use while looking for a lighter. We walked into my mothers room once again and were looking.
Suddenly millions of loud crashes were coming from the window. We jumped onto the bed and thought it would pass. It kept hitting harder and harder against the thin window pain. We could hear lighting hit and trees falling. When we began to hear other objects hit the window we rolled on to the floor covered by the bed. I have never been so scared in my life. I was scared that a tree would fall on us or the window would bust.
We sat on the floor for several minutes waiting for the horrible storm to pass by. In a split second there was silence. I slowly stood up and walked to the window. I could not see anything other then the dead brown leaves pressed up against the window.
The lights were still out and the house was dark. We grabbed the flash light and took our time walking through the kitchen to the front door. As I opened the door a pile of leaves fell to my feet. I looked out to the distance and saw leaves and ice lying on the ground. Trees were lifeless; split in half, with no leaves and broken limbs. I could hear the voices of my neighbors looking at the damage that was done to there houses.
It took many days for our town to repair from this horrible storm. I thank god that no one got hurt.

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