Paolo Nutini at Tarrytown Music Hall

October 11, 2007
As my best friend, Joanie, loves Paolo Nutini, and I had heard his most sold out song “New Shoes” multiple times, I decided I would go with her to his concert at Tarrytown Music Hall on October 7. I have been to many concerts, and this was definitely the best yet. The first opening act was Serena Ryder, who was an extremely talented and quirky singer, yet to be famous though. The next opening act was Jon Mclaughlin- one of the most gorgeous, funny and talented singers. He had been my mom’s favorite singer; so I instantly put him off as a “mom” band and forgot about him until the concert. Sitting front row and seeing his passion for the keyboard close up was truly amazing. The first thing he said to us was, “This is the most I have ever sweated in the month of October”. Then came Paolo; the second we saw his beautiful face and hair, I grabbed Joanie’s arm and ran up to the stage, along with a few other middle-aged women. Being the short distance we had to run, we were the closest audience members to Paolo and leaned on the stage the whole time. He was an excellent performer; funny, at times, because of what seemed to be his very dazed and confused mood. Unfortunately, though, not one time the whole concert did he open his eyes, displaying his intensity. After he started the concert with his multiple upbeat songs, including “Alloway Groove” and “New Shoes”, he mellowed out into some of his slow songs and some new songs that hadn’t been on his album, These Streets. Finally, after he had finished his encore, I jumped on the stage and grabbed his water bottle and his towel! But, happy as we were, we sadly saw the audience members who had paid an extra $30 to be able to meet Paolo. This made us determined to meet him ourselves. Before the concert we had seen his tour bus in an alleyway next to the theatre; so, of course, after the concert we ran next to the bus. The manager of the concert had come out and told the twenty celebrity-crazed girls waiting for him that Paolo was sleeping inside and we would be waiting for the whole night; trusting our instincts, though, we chose to stay and not believe him. We passed the time by making friends with the five girls that remained, writing our names and our numbers in the dust on the back of his tour bus, stalking any person that looked like he knew Paolo, and practicing how pose with Paolo in the picture he would hopefully take with us. After three hours of waiting in the rain, multiple run-ins and photos with his band but, sadly, not him, we finally saw him coming up the alleyway. We ran, posed, took pictures, got his autographs, and cheesily said, “Your music touches me!”, “Your music saved my life” and “WE LOVE YOU PAOLO!” Once he left, the only person left to meet was Jon Mclaughlin, and right when we said that, a man with gorgeous, intense eyes and tan-blonde, shaggy hair made his way past us. “Is that Jon?!” we shrieked. He turned around; a Snickers hanging out of his mouth and a smile painted on his face. And he calmly said, “Hey guys, what’s up?” acting as if he wasn’t a famous, unbelievable man and we weren’t five annoying little girls in love with him. Once he signed our shirts and took pictures with us, we thought it was the end of our amazing time. Until, the next morning, the tour bus driver of Paolo Nutini, Serena Ryder and Jon Mclaughlin called us, regarding our numbers written on the back of the tour bus. Lets just say this was not one of, but my most amazing weekend ever.

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