July 23, 2011
By dancinshell SILVER, Longwood, Florida
dancinshell SILVER, Longwood, Florida
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Do you have the audacity to doubt my veracity and insinuate that i prevaricate?

Voting. Honestly I think the voting age should not be 18. However, I do have good reasons. Part of all elected officials' jobs is to deal with education policies. These do not only affect the teachers and staff but they also effect the students. I am not saying that all kids should be able to vote though. In my opinion for every child above 13 and under 18 should have to take some kind of evaluation to show that they're not going to just do what's best for them. This evaluation should probably be sort of in the form of an interview. For every two or three counties there should be a committee which does this. The evaluation should consist of some questions about America's history, what the evaluee think America's future holds, and perhaps some information regarding other major countries' political and economical life. This way almost every important point is covered. If a person passes this evaluation they could just say get a voting liscense, like an ID. This way America would learn as much from its students as they do from it.

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