October 11, 2007
By Sierra Webb, Manchester, ME

"Mallory Lloyd, the doctor will see you now" Said a lady dressed in a soft white dress.
She held open the door with a welcoming smile. Mallory wiped the tears from her eyes and walked silently into the door way.

To the right of Mallory was a desk with a woman talking on the phone. Her voice screeched with joyfullness

"This way" Said the lady once again.
Mallory peered around the corner to a little room with a cot in the corner. A snow white haired man turned around in the chair with a creek. His glasses looked to big for his face and his nose stuck out like a beak.
"Miss Mallory Lloyd" He said with a disapointing sound.

He jestured Mallory to the cot. Mallory sat down trying so hard not to go down to fast.
The Dr. continued "We have ran some tests on you and some disapointing news came up for the reasults"
Mallory noded hoping that it was just the flue.
"You have Leukemia" The doctor said with his glasses falling down his nose and his hand shaking a bit.
"What is that?" asked Mallory, her heart sank. She knew what it was but she didn't want to start crying.
"Leukemia is a type of cancer with in you blood cells" The doctor pointed his finger to a poster.
"Mallory, you have a choice, go to chemotherepy in the hospital or sit here and die" The doctor said with a slight smile.
"I need time" Mallory said with a tears in her eyes once again.
She walked out of the office and into the car, where he mom was waiting.
"Mommy, I have cancer" She whisperd as she fell into her moms hands.
The first thing Mallory was going to do is call her best friend Crystal.
"Crystal can we go home now?" asked Sierra. Little did they know that Mallory was dieing inside.
"no Sierra stop asking" Crystal short temeper was kicking in again.
Crystal's cell phone rang. "Hello?" Aswered Crystal.
"Crystal! you answered"
"Yeah why wouldn't I?"
"Uhm.. I have bad news"
"Oh, what is it?"
"I have cancer"
"I'll be right there"
"Sierra we are going to Mallory's" Crystal said.

Arriving at Mallory's house, Sierra new somthing was wrong. Mallory walked out of her yellow house and into Crystal's out streatched arms.
"I have cancer, Crystal"
"I know"
Sierra couldn't move. She had known Mallory forever. Mallory at that moment came over to Sierra and hugged her tight. Sierra didn't want to let go. "How could somthing so close to Sierra be going?" Thought Sierra.

This happend a while ago. Mallory's thought passed by her in a flash. She remebered everything that Crystal had said, what Sierra had said.
Mallory was dieing, right there in the hospital bed. Everything was coming to a blur.
Mallory's gone.

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