A Dedication to My Parents

October 12, 2007
June 2, 1984- the beautiful, pleasant summer day my parents, Cheryl and Floyd, exchanged marital vows. Exceeding twenty-three years now, my parents have bonded in unity. Together, they have demonstrated and impressed characteristics upon me that remain fortunate blessings in my life. My parents represent loyalty, support, and inspiration.

Most importantly, my mother and father portray loyalty. They each have remained adamantly loyal to God and their Christian faith. Our home has firmly been constructed on the teachings of Christian morals and values. Their marriage has similarly persisted and endured strong. My parents, with their undying love, have maintained a traditional, nuclear family. My father and mother’s adoration and loyalty for one another have ultimately created an unaltered home and strengthened my family as a whole. Not only the loyalty detected within their marriage, but also commitment to a rewarding career has molded my characterization and family operation as well. Both my father and mother’s hardworking, responsible mentalities, ambitious attitudes, and numerous achievements have significantly secured our home with financial stability. A family functions poorly without loyalty; my family is built on a firm, loyal foundation that will carry on for years to come.

Additionally, my parents represent a stronghold and support in my life. Their involvement in my teenage years has graciously influenced my immature decision-making. Their support for my independent choices and school work demonstrate their love and compassion for me. Again, marriage relies proportionally on loyalty and support. Supplementary to loyalty, my parents’ marriage has been a harmonious success due to their support for one another. Although supporting my decisions and each other’s individual decisions remains absolutely fundamental in the function of a household, the most impacting impression lies within their hearts of generosity and support for others. My father and mother both possess a tenderheartedness and sensitivity for the feelings of others, supporting those in need of hope, love, and prayer. My parents unceasingly demonstrate support and encouragement for me, their marriage, and the entire populace.

Finally, my father and mother are the two most influential and inspirational people I have ever known. Their intelligence and organized structure beam incandescently, influencing those surrounding them. It is not my Sunday School teacher, piano instructor, or even my Advanced Placement Language and Composition teacher from which I have learned the most, but from my parents who have taught me how to tie my shoes and how to succeed in life. My parents’ well-rounded personalities and positive charismas contribute to their compatibility and never cease to illuminate a positive effect on others. They are enjoyable to be around and easy to get along with. I am nonetheless fortunate and blessed to have such incredible parents, role models, and friends. They have succeeded the hardships of parenthood and successfully taught me right from wrong. My parents will always represent the two most influential and inspirational individuals in my life.

When the wedding bells tolled, Mom gave birth to their only child, job promotions were announced, and they simply directed a smile towards a lonely stranger on the sidewalk, my parents demonstrated loyalty, support, and inspiration. Their congenial qualities are the characteristics I strive to possess and honor. My very own individuality is constructed uniquely in itself because of my parents.

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