Gun Range

October 12, 2007
The Last time I went out to the gun range her in dell rapids, was about a year ago, right before deer season. I went with my dad. We went to the gun range to sight in our rifles before deer season began. I shoot a .243. It can shoot about 200 yards. My dad shoots a 7 mm. it shoots about 350 yards.

The 7 mm is pretty amazing. It has a kick that knocks me flat on my butt. When you shoot a deer it makes a small entry hole and leaves a huge exit hole in the other side of the deer. I shot the 7mm when I was 12 and I flew back about 3 ft. almost immediately afterward, I had a huge bruise on my shoulder. I couldn’t move my arm for about 3 days.

After we finished sighting in our rifles we went to the clay pigeon field and found a few whole clay pigeons and took them back to the rifle range. We both took shots at them and I missed them all. I wouldn’t have missed if I did not have to shoot with my left arm. My dad shot them all, he is an x marine, so you can imagine how accurate his shot is. All of the clay pigeons exploded. The left over pieces were really small.

I had a lot of fun that day at the gun range. So my dad and I do the same thing every year.

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