October 12, 2007
By Mallory Mergen, Dell Rapids, SD

Three or four years ago I went to Valleyfair with my family. When we first walked in I was amazed by all the rides and noise there was. I bet there was about five hundred or more people there. Everyone was running around and I could hear people screaming from high up in the air because the rides they were on was really fun or they were all scared. I just wanted to go on all the rides. They looked really fun but the rollercoaster’s looked very scary. They would go up, then down, then up side down, and really fast. I was scared that if I went on them I would fly out or the rollercoaster would go off the track.

There were people everywhere. They were on rides, eating, walking around, and buying stuff at the gift shops. When we finally decided what one we were going to go on, we went and got in line. The line was fairly long. I was going to go on the Frog Hopper. When it was finally my turn to me and my sister got on the seats and waited for it to begin. When it first started going I was kind of scared because all the sudden it went up fast to the top and jerked down and then went up really fast then back down to the ground. Only eight people at a time could go on it. That ride lasted about five minutes. When that ride was done my older sister wanted me to go on the rollercoaster called the WILD THING! It went really fast and really high in the air. I told my sister that I did not want to and she got mad. Then she asked my mom to go with her and she said no too and my dad was not going to go on it with her either. My sister that was younger than me would never go on anything like that, so my sister went by herself. The ride went on for ten minutes and we sat there and watched her go all over the place. The ride was the biggest ride they had there. When she got off she said it was really fun and we went to go see the picture of her on it. She looked really funny. My mom and my older sister went on a different rollercoaster that went fast too. It looked really scary then but I wished I did it now. Me and my younger sister went on a different ride when they were on that one. My dad came and watched us. When the ride was over we all went on the log ride. It was really fun. After that it was the big test. My older sister and my mom wanted me to go on a rollercoaster with them. I decided I would because it would be now or never. I went on it and was scared. It turned out to be fun. We spent the rest of the day there and went on many more rides.

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