My Best Friends

October 12, 2007
By emily kerns, Dell Rapids, SD

So you know once in your life you have had a good friend in your life. I know I have had plenty of good friends both guys and girls. I don’t think any friend is a mistake they all help you in like, good or bad.

My best, best, best, best friend in the whole wide world w3ould have to be brittni. We really weren’t friends last year till about softball season started. We have been friends like on and off for the past two years. We usually were just softball buddies, but my old friends just didn’t make me feel very comfortable around them and I felt like I had to act differently around them to make them happy. So I decided that they weren’t for me and I went my own way. So eventually brittni and I just started to hang out and we just had a thing, I guess you really can’ explain it. So we hung out all summer, pretty much everyday, and we called each other about every night. We have only gotten in like three fights total, if you ask me that pretty dang good. So I guess you could say we are very, very, very good friends.

Another one of my best friends would have to be Megan. We have been friends on and off since the second grade, but now we are pretty close. Megan is a very good friend all around, if you ask me. She helps not only me but everyone with friend problems or school work, drama, and all that great stuff.

From my point of view, I view a good friend as someone who can be trusted, in every aspect. If it’s a secret I tell them I like to be able to trust my friends that they aren’t going to go tell everyone. I also like my friends to be respectable not only to me but also other people, and also to my things. If I let them borrow something I expect it back in the same condition I gave it to them, it’s just called respect. I’m not sure if I sound too picky with my friend choices I have or not but some things are just common sense. This last thing is really big for me, but a good friend to me is someone who you feel comfortable around. I like to be able to talk with thinking oh my gosh she is so annoying, or I like to be able to walk away knowing they wont talk behind my back. I just think good friends are ones who don’t talk behind your back and you don’t have to change who you are so they will like you. I want friends who like me for who I am not who they want me to be. That is a GOOD FRIEND, to me.

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