October 12, 2007
By levi sell, Dell Rapids, SD

Patriotism to me is going off and giving up your life for your country. I also think that it is fireworks, and being a soldier. When I talk about fireworks, I remember the time I almost lit my sister’s skirt on fire! We had been shooting off BIG fireworks, and I ran out, so I went and dug through the bag, I found a firework that was called, “Dakota Flier”. I lit it and threw it onto the ground, expecting it to go up. Then when it started all I heard was all the people that were with me start to scream. When I looked over, I saw that it was stuck on my sister’s skirt, and there were flames coming out of the firework. When the flames died down, I saw the burn mark where my sister’s skirt had started on fire. After that, I made sure that I put them the right way down.

When I think about patriotism, I also think about when my brother and I got the great idea to start throwing fireworks at each other. Then to have a war with all of the fireworks we had, witch included artillery shells, firecrackers, bottle rockets, and Dakota Fliers. Then the firecrackers started to fly. Then I got the brilliant idea to get up on the shed and start throwing them from there, and my brother pulled out a roman candle, and used that to shoot at me, then after that he used it to fire bottle rockets at me. So I pulled out my wrist rocket and started to fire them from there with that. Then I threw an artillery shell, and it landed closer to him than I wanted it to. When he saw it he ran behind the air conditioning system, and then took off toward the truck. After that the war was over.

Patriotism reminds me of my grandfather. He had a lot of close calls, like an artillery shell land in his boat but it does not explode, but he still made it out ok. Through most of the war, he carried a Japanese sniper rifle, until the army supply officer told him he could put it in the storage area until he got back to the states. He got a lot of metals for his marksmanship. He doesn’t like to talk about the war. When he was over there, he got malaria, but most of the guys over there did. He was sick for weeks and he felt like crap. He also found a billfold that had a girls picture in it.

I hope you enjoyed my brief essay about what I think patriotism is and I hope you have a great day.

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