October 12, 2007
So, ok I was sitting on my bed staring at my ceiling and all the glow-in-the-dark stars counting them trying to bore myself into a sweet dreamful night and nothing worked. Suddenly I hear these noises like scratching on my window and like a month before my dad had cut down the only tree that was outside my window. I think about the story my sister told me when she had my room how when she looked out the window she saw a pair of beady yellow eyes staring back at her then see, what she supposed was a wolf, lick its lips ( she has been scared of wolves ever since). I am scared out of my wits I always thought she was dreaming or had imagined it because that was her personality, and only she would believe such a thing. So I open the curtain and there is nothing there well if I couldn’t sleep then there was no way I was going to now. I considered turning on my radio but realized it would wake up my sister. I chose to go out into the living room to watch TV. I turn it on and am watching Scrubs, (best show ever, well next to Gilmore Girls) and it was my favorite episode. Halfway through it the box comes up that says the bill wasn’t paid (this was just my luck). I thought about reading the new book I got, but then I heard this ticking noise and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It wouldn’t get it out of my head. It was bothering me so much that I finally got up to investigate. Going into the living room where there is two clocks ticking and now I here those too. But it is not the one I heard before so I go into the kitchen. There is the kitchen clock ticking but it is still not the one I heard. I walk by my dad’s room it is not his clock either. So I finally give up I go into the bathroom and there is my dad’s watch tick, tick, tick.

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