Living in Oblivion.

July 14, 2011
By ButterflySkies GOLD, Fremont, California
ButterflySkies GOLD, Fremont, California
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Have you ever wondered how life would be if we lived in a utopia? Perfect, right? But what if things went wrong and our attempt for a perfect world failed, and we lived in dystopia?

Dystopia is perfection gone wrong. People usually aim for utopia, but because it’s impossible to achieve, the plan backfires and becomes the complete opposite of what they had hoped for. People become ignorant, and the atmosphere changes to be depressing. Currently, our world is nothing close to a dystopia, even though it’s not utopia either. Even though some people may be purposely oblivious to the important things going on around them, there are still others that are trying to make a change. Unfortunately, most people care more about the minor troubles instead of the major crises going on around them. In an interview with Kenny Duong, age thirty-four, I asked him the question,
“Do you think people nowadays are ignorant about all the important things going on around them, and that they constantly worry about pointless things?” His answer was,
“Yes because of the culture we live in. Our culture doesn’t want to engage in ‘thinking’; therefore we tend to be ignorant on most issues. There’s also the fact that people are becoming lazier and lazier, so they dislike confrontations, and anything that makes them have to do more work.” Sadly, Mr. Duong’s words are true. Many people are gradually becoming more lethargic every day. If people these days faced their problems head on, life would be harder, but the results would be worth the difficulties.

The idea of utopia is literally impossible in the real world, but some people probably still wish for it. The main problem is that each person’s idea of ‘the perfect world’ is different. As David Chen, age forty-five, said,
“Each person is different, and they’ll have their own desires. They won’t really consider what other people want. There’s no such thing as a perfect world because if people always think about themselves, then it’s unattainable. Some people are contented with only one cup of coffee, while others are never pleased with what they have. If a person isn’t satisfied with anything, then nothing can make their world perfect,” Nothing can be truer than that. It’s in the human nature to always want. People will never be content with what they have, because even if they get what they want, something else would catch their eye. It’s an endless cycle of greed. If anyone even tried to compromise, then the world would break out in conflict because there are many different points of view. However, if it was somehow managed, people might feel like they’re being controlled and forced to do things they don’t want, which also might result in fighting. Chaos and confusion would break out.
Happiness. That’s all people usually want in life, isn’t it? Some people are happy, some just think they’re happy, and some may not even know what happiness is. Many people keep a fake smile on their face without even knowing it, and that mask seems to fool everyone, including themselves. The realization that they aren’t happy may cause their view on things to change.
If people tried to create happiness by eliminating happiness, would the world be perfect then? The answer is no, because in order to feel happiness, people would have to know what unhappiness is. Taking away unhappiness is impossible though, so that idea definitely wouldn’t work. Unless everyone had the same views on things, then no one would ever be completely happy. The chase for perfection is never-ending. No matter how much people may dream for it, utopia is impossible.

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An article that I wrote related to Fahrenheit 451.

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