Friends don't last

July 14, 2011
By , Kingwood, TX
Last year, I thought I found the perfect friend, someone I could tell anything too.
But of course, it didn't last.
We weren't friends by the end of the school year. But I think the worst part was how my other good friend was still friends with her, and I was the idiotic third wheel of the trio friends. I had a bad reputation because of this b****, w****, s***, bisexual thing. Ever since she claimed to be bi rumors passed on about me that I was too. I got made fun of by this bastard in science he would always ask me if I was bi, straight, or a lesbian. As always I told him to "shut the f*** up" and my life became bad. Then even later on she just started avoiding me taking away my other friends! People keep telling me she's been bitching about me behind my back and I wouldn't believe it. The things she said sounded so unlike her. I wouldn't and couldn't believe it until she finally went up to my face and said it. She still talked to me and kept telling me about how she and Ashley (her girlfriend) would make out in the restrooms, telling me her stories about peeing out windows and stepping on yellow jackets, we still talked in orchestra class. But then came the orchestra trip. She refused me to be in her group. I was so pissed, I have the right to be there I had other friends in that group! Since I couldn't be in that group I had to be in my old friends group. Imagine how awkward going up to a friend you ditched for another and telling her what happened. Very embarrassing. But Cat has a good heart. She let me in the group. And I still had fun. But what really pissed me off was that Olivia (that's her name)started texting me over the summer. Telling how she would get high and steal her dad's tequila. Damn that girl pisses me off. She became a total druggie, whore, emo b****. Here's how the story ends. First day of 8th grade. She walks into my history class, sits right next to me and says "This class is gonna crazy" smiles at me and hugs me! I was very happy that she had the wrong history class though.

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