February 20, 2008
By Tiara Hardy, Fulton, KY

“Error is always in haste.” Thomas Fuller

Sometimes life comes at you so fast that you don’t have time to get out of the road. Therefore, you instantly want to become faster than life. You want to always be a few steps ahead. It is then that we as teenagers step into dangerous territory. Impatience is something that is in everyone, but more so in teenagers. Things don’t seem to move at our speed, so we try to speed things up ourselves.

As I write this article, I’m not just writing it for other teenagers, I’m writing it for myself as well. There are times when I become very impatient with life. Sometimes I wish that someone would hand me the remote of life, so that I could push the fast forward button.

Let me give you a little illustration.
Have you ever been standing behind someone, and they were taking their sweet time getting out of your way? Sometimes that happens to me and I wish that I could just push them out of them way and shout: “Move!” But I’ve realized that sometimes you have to just wait.

I believe that we as teenagers have to realize that we aren’t going to be tip toeing through tulips everyday of our lives. Sometimes we have step on some really hard rocks. And you know that when your stepping on rocks that you have to take your time. But some of us will try to run across those rocks. I can imagine some of you now: “Yeah, Ouch! I got this- Ouch! Yeah man ain’t nobody better at running on rocks than me- Ouch!”

If you run through life there is a ninety-nine point nine percent chance that you will fall. But if you just walk through life, you’ll find that life will be just a little bit easier.

Life is like a street. Before you step out into it you have to look left- right- and left again. But some of you are walking through life so sure of yourselves that you just step right into busy traffic. And when you get hit you say: “Man I didn’t even see it coming!” REALLY? We are so impatient that we’re just getting hit with big Mack trucks, because of our impatience.

When dealing with life we have to always think. Think out what your going to say to someone. Think out what your going to do. Always think before you do anything. You have to slow down and examine your surroundings. Zipping and zooming around isn’t always the right move to make.

You can do or say something so fast, that you won’t even realized that you hurt someone in the process. Just remember there is always a big IF in the middle of life, you don’t want to spend half of your life saying: What if this. What if that. Always think.

Just take a breath. Breath in. Breath out. And say to yourself: “I can do this.”

Remember these words: “Fast decisions cause life collisions.”

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