July 6, 2011
I suppose the most important thing that drives me is myself. I sometimes believe that if I’m too pleased with my life, I’m doing something wrong. I always strive to be the best I can be and hardly ever rest. I am constantly trying to improve myself, putting in all of the hard work I can. I am always trying to make my strengths more influential and my weaknesses ultimately vanish. I’m the kind of person who likes to meet my goals – less for the appreciation than for the sense of achievement and purpose.
I make it a point to set goals as frequently as possible, and to revise them whenever I need to. I like to think that triumphing over my goals has meaning and that I’m contributing to the world with every single one of them. I’m always on a quest for self-improvement; I find satisfaction in behaviors that develop my attentiveness, familiarity and consciousness.
I’m likely to dive in head first when I sense there is something to be learned from an incident, obligation or exchange. I’m someone who values predictability, and thrives when I know I can count on certain expectations. Rather than making mounds of money, I am driven by what is going to keep me safe and secure.
Most importantly, however, I want to change the world. I live to go out with a bang. Before I die, I want to make something of myself so no one forgets my name.

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