July 4, 2011
By StacyP BRONZE, Robinson, Texas
StacyP BRONZE, Robinson, Texas
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Everyone’s against everyone, switching sides, be careful…We’re all spitting out lies now. Where to go, who knows. Trust no one, keep quiet. Hang on; we're taking a tour through downtown hell. Pick your feet up or they'll trip you. Once you fall, you have to crawl to get out. They won't help you; they can’t even help themselves now. One kick and its all over. Maybe it’s not so bad, I trip myself and crawl away looking back and finding no ones made it with me. This is the part where I’m supposed to shed a tear, or have a heart felt moment of sadness, but we all know we left those feelings somewhere shattered with everything else years ago. I dust the remains of a family I used to long ago have off my shirt, and steadily walk into the future that lies ahead. I’ll be better than them, I’ll be better than myself back then, we'll make it. The new us. I promise we'll get our walk through heaven soon.

The author's comments:
and when you lose your family, writing is all you have to keep the pain from killing you..

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