3 Easy Tips for Stress Free Dating (ok...maybe not!)

July 3, 2011
By WarriorMVT SILVER, Danville, Indiana
WarriorMVT SILVER, Danville, Indiana
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To say the issue of dating is a popular topic is an understatement. You can’t turn on the television or look through the check-out aisle at your local grocery store without being bombarded with the ideas of, sex, love, and relationships. So what does a healthy dating relationship look like for an average American teenager?

I didn’t start dating until August of last year. Partly because I was too afraid to ask any girls out, but also because I didn’t really see the point of dating at such a young age (I’m a sophomore right now). Even when I decided to start dating, it came after much thought and prayer.

Dating can be a tough balancing act. While I take our relationship seriously, I try not to make it too serious. My girlfriend is one of my very best friends, and I treat her like that. We keep things light.

The first time we hung out together we went to a baseball game, which was like a dream come true for me. We’ve also had more than a few funny conversations about totally random things. (She thought it was exceptionally funny when I told her that I wrote President George W. Bush a Valentine’s Day card when I was in 4th grade. I’m sure he still has it. I mean let’s face it- how many Presidents get Valentine’s Day cards? I was simply trying to give him something unique.)

Here’s what I’ve learned about dating:

If you choose to date, it’s very important to make sure you know where your boundaries are. If you go too far with your boyfriend or girlfriend, there’s no going back.
A relationship should be based on personality rather than physical attributes. While physical attraction often causes interest in a person, it’s the personality that really matters in a healthy relationship. Building a friendship helps with this. I was friends with my now girlfriend for several months before I started dating her. I saw attributes in her when we were friends that encouraged me to pursue a dating relationship.
Communication is key to any good relationship. Discuss things if there is a problem. Problems cannot be solved if they are not discussed. The quicker issues are resolved, the better.
Finally, prayer is essential. Pray for your boyfriend or girlfriend, pray for your relationship, and pray that you honor God with your relationship.
Dating is by no means easy. There are many emotions involved. It can often feel like a roller coaster, having many ups and downs. However, if you trust God with the relationship and honor Him with your actions, the relationship will be a good one no matter the outcome. Enjoy the time you spend with the person, and try to get to know them better each time you hang out. Just make sure God is in the center of the relationship.

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