New York City

October 19, 2007
New York city September /eleventh /2001 A normal day in the city. People laughing, people talking when they hear rrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnn boom they look up and they see the north tower ablaze people screaming, people yelling.

They hear another rrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnn boom the south was hit more screaming more yelling. People start running sirens sound the police the fire department all come at once.

All of a sudden the north tower collapses people start running screaming, yelling, and crying debris fly’s every were. Then the second tower falls. The people are horrified the run like crazy huge cloud of debris rises from the city. The city the towers are gone. People start calling loved ones crying scared there loved ones may have been killed. The u.s navy is called in the u.s air force is called in the city is in high alert.

That day my family lost 15 people we new my step dad will never for get. Deaths 2,993 including 19 terrorists.

In honor of 9/11

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