Surprise Vacation

October 19, 2007
By Sairye Johnson, Bountiful, UT

I could feel the sweat dripping down my back. My legs were hot and sticky. We were on our way to the airport to got on a surprise trip to Florida. I hadn’t realized that we were the ones going on the flight.
My parents had told me and my sisters that if we cleaned our rooms and finished all of our chores we would be able to go see a movie as a family. It seemed like it took hours to finish all of my chores but finally we were all done and ready to go.
“We are going to give Kevin a ride to the airport before we go to see the movie” said my mom. So me and my two sister ran to the car and got in. On the way to pick Kevin up my stomach was doing flips. I was so excited to finally be seeing what an airport was like. I had been on a plane only once before and I had been so young I couldn’t even remember it happening.
When we got to Kevin’s house he hauled out enough suit cases for a family. And in our case it was, me and my sisters just didn’t realize it yet
Finally after spending what seemed like hours trying to pack five suit cases into what seemed like a small car because there was already six people trying to fit in it along with the luggage.
Kevin was telling me and my sisters all of his plans for what he was going to do while he was on his “business” trip in Florida. At that point a movie wasn’t seeming quite as good as going to visit Disney World in Florida but I though I was just going to have to settle.
Then as soon as we got to the airport our parents climbed out of their seats and got us out of the car and surprised us by saying “we know you were looking forward to seeing that movie but I’m sure that they will have one going on the plane.” I still remember almost everything from that trip even though it happened over seven years ago.

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