Getting Left Behind

October 18, 2007
By Davin Brown, Bountiful, UT

VRROOOOOM! Was the sound of our family’s black and white fifteen passenger van leaving the driveway. I was six years old at the time looking out of the window on dark cloudy day wishing that I could just be at my grandparents house. After a few hours of driving, We were all thirsty and needed to take a break. So we stopped at a gas station and Mom bought us a really big sprite.
When we were done we went back to our van and left.

I thought that I was waiting patiently for my turn to get a drink, but finally I got so sick of waiting that I started whine and ask for the sprite. Mom told me to be quiet and wait for my turn. But I kept asking and every body just ignored me. I thought that they couldn’t hear me so I screamed.

Right then Dad stopped the van, and Mom gave the drink. I thought that everything was going just how I wanted it to. I was wrong. My brother unclipped my car seat and picked me up and set me outside on the side of the highway. I didn’t really care. I was happy with my sprite. Then I realized something wasn’t right. The van was driving away! I shouted at the top of my lungs for them to stop, and tried to catch up but it was no use they were to far ahead! I screamed again. They stopped. Mom came out and said to me “ You can come back inside if you stop your whining”. I said “OK” and we left to go to my grandparents house.

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